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At Orange United Methodist Preschool, we recognize each child as a unique gift from God. Our primary objective is to provide a safe, loving environment that enables children to explore and develop their abilities at their own pace. Through our nurturing environment, we hope to foster confidence and an enthusiasm for learning about the world around us and our God who made it all, which will last a lifetime. We also encourage self-discipline, kindness and sharing so the child will be able to work well within a group. Our classes allow for individual expression through guided play activities, creative art work, music, gross and fine motor activities, language development, story times, science and other group activities.

Statement of Purpose

Orange United Methodist Preschool is an outreach ministry of Orange United Methodist Church. It is our purpose to provide a Christian preschool for children that will draw them and their families into a close relationship with Jesus Christ and His church. Under the guidance of qualified, Christian teachers, this preschool provides an educational program, which considers the developmental needs of the children and emphasizes growth in all areas: spiritual, social, emotional, physical, and intellectual.

Our History

Orange United Methodist Preschool was established in 1984. The Preschool began as a ministry for the needs of the parents in the church and community by providing quality morning care and preschool experiences for young children through a Mother's Morning Out program.  By 1989 more age groups were incorporated. Today the program serves 100 families.

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